Door-to-door canvassing or setting up in the middle of town?

The two most common forms of canvassing involve going from door-to-door handing out leaflets and discussing politics on the door-step, or else setting up with a banner and something to hand out in the middle of town.

Having done both, I suspect that setting up stall is the better option. As Stu Sharpe pointed out in the comments on the last post, some, if not most people really don’t like speaking to strangers on their own doorstep. Some will be annoyed, others bleary-eyed, inattentive and dismissive, and yet more will be disturbed whilst doing something probably very important.

They do however generally take a greater interest when you’ve set up in the midde of town. You’re likely to be approached, they’re likely to be more chatty and to voice their opinions, and there’s little sense of invading their space, so long as you stay polite and cheerful, and let them be when they’ve made it clear they want to be left alone.

Not only are people more approachable and willing to approach, but you’re likely to come into contact with lots more people in a shorter amount of time than going from door to door. It’s also generally more fun!

Having said that, both approaches are probably very useful – it’s worth finding the right balance between the two.


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