Leaflet Goldmine


I’d misplaced the link earlier, but check out this growing and already huge record of election leaflets.


Leaflets and Flyers


First of all, which is better?

We’ve all been getting a whole load of leaflets and other material through the door lately thanks to the European Elections. 

The first thing that strikes you is how cluttered they are – there’s rarely any single thing to catch attention. Secondly, they often have far too much text, largely made up of meaningless platitudes, which funnily enough is actually quite hard to read. Thirdly, some  of them try to combine negative and positive voting – this is always a huge mistake. People tend to associate things – they could associate a feeling with a word, or a word with a name or person. For example, putting “Labour’s rubbish” right next to “Vote for …..” creates an obvious, but unintended association. 

Negative campaigning tends to increase anti-opponent support amongst your own existing supporters, whilst also alienating more independent voters, and perhaps even turning them against you as the association effect could imply.

This is why we don’t use negative campaigning, despite the easy temptation.

Oh, and the other thing to say is that I may have found the cheapest leaflets/flyers out there. Check out this site: http://www.bestprinting.co.uk/

If anyone can find 20,000 DL double-sided flyers for cheaper than £171 then please let me know